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Venture Capital financing stages

There are six stages of Venture Capital financing rounds offered by MILLERIA Venture Capital. The stages correspond to the development of the client company.

  • Seed Money

Low level financing needed to prove a new idea, often provided by angel investors. Crowd funding is also emerging as an option for seed funding.

  • Start-up

Early stage firms that need funding for expenses associated with marketing and product development

  • First-Round

Early sales and manufacturing funds

  • Second-Round

Working capital for early stage companies that are selling product, but not yet turning a profit

  • Third-Round

Also called Mezzanine financing, this is expansion money for a newly profitable company

  • Fourth-Round

Also called bridge financing, 4th round is intended to finance the "going public" process

How to apply for the MILLERIA Venture Capital program

Those who apply for the MILLERIA Venture Capital program, will submit an application form and proper business plan which shows the ability of the client company to become self-sustaining by the end of two years. The Director of the MILLERIA Venture Capital program will decide if the application is approved or not.

For companies with a significant capital investment need, such as financial service companies,there is the possibility to apply for a Partner Status. The Partner Status will allow the company to remain nursed for an additional three years.

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Why Venture Capital?

Obtaining venture capital is different from raising debt or a loan from a bank or private lender. Lenders have a legal right to interest on a loan and repayment of the capital, irrespective of business success or failure. Venture Capital is invested in exchange for a shareholding in the business. As a shareholder, the Venture Capital company depends on the growth and profitability of the business. This return is earned when the Venture Capital firm makes an exits by selling its shares when the business is sold to another owner.

Venture capital firms are very selective and may invest in only one in five hundred opportunities, looking for an innovative technology, a rapidly growing market, an exceptional business plan or process, or simply an exceptional management team. Venture capital firms are interested in ventures likely to provide a successful exit within typically 3–7 years.

Because investments are illiquid and require the extended timeframe to harvest, venture capitalists are expected to carry out detailed due diligence prior to investment. In order to increase the likelihood of success, Venture Capital firms occasionally incubate and nurture business in which they invest.

The Venture Capital Market

The Venture Capital industry has originated in the United States, and American firms have traditionally been the largest participants in venture deals, and the bulk of venture capital has been deployed in American companies. However, increasingly, Asian venture investment is growing, and both the number and size of Asian venture investments are expanding.

Venture Capital is as a tool for economic development in Asia. In China, with a less developed financial sector, venture capital plays an active role in providing capital to start-ups and small or medium sized companies (SMEs), which frequently do not qualify for bank loans.

Venture Capital firms invested $21.2 billion in 2,725 deals in the U.S. through the third quarter of 2011, according to the MoneyTree Report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association. For all of 2010, Venture capital firms invested $23.4 billion in 3,496 deals.

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